Many sons and daughters are faced with aging parents not be able to care for their house or sometimes even themselves because of health conditions such as a disability or dementia.  Helping a parent through this aging process is a challenge especially when professional help is needed to stay in their home. 

Recognizing a problem with an aging parent is the first step in helping to find at-home help. Start a conversation with them to find out their concerns about caring for themselves. This should be started before an event happens such as a fall, that requires immediate decision making. In this emotional time a snap decision could lead to hard feelings. If in this conversation a concern is identified, then you still have time for you help suggesting caring and respectful options for them.  Ask some questions that will make them consider what would happen if there was a catastrophic health event. Ask what their priorities may be, not your own. Ask how you can help and whether you can realistically help them.  

Discuss their concerns with other family members who can help with what can to be done now and what might be needed in the near future.  A Power of Attorney, a Living Will, or a Co-Signer on a bank account can certainly help with financial and medical affairs. Have a real estate professional help with getting a valuation of the house and making suggestions how to get the house in shape in case a sale would be needed to pay for assisted living. Start the conversation.